genealogy of the Chamberlain and Eidenbenz families
Käti and Graham with Family Crests

Family: Andrew Fred Evers / Ella Doris Springett (F3139)


Family Chart 

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George Evers
Male (1870- )
Martha Ann Sibley
Female (1870-1949)
George Henry Evers
Male (1888-1971)
Samuel Evers
Male (1889-1918)
Emily Jane Evers
Female (1891-1976)
Susan Evers
Female (1893- )
William Evers
Male (1895-1917)
Priscilla Evers
Female (1897-1973)
Rose Evers
Female (1898-1988)
Andrew Fred Evers
Male (1900-1940) Relationship
Ella Doris Springett
Female (1905-1933)Relationship