genealogy of the Chamberlain and Eidenbenz families
Käti and Graham with Family Crests

Family: George Edward Thomas / Eva Emily Wilce (F655)


Family Chart 

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Arthur Wilce
Male (1865-1927)
Harriet Mary Walford
Female (1873-1945)
Ella May Wilce
Female (1892-1977)
Bernice Amelia Wilce
Female (1894-1952)
Arthur Thomas Wilce
Male (1895-1972)
Frank Windham Wilce
Male (1897-1978)
Redvers Donald Wilce
Male (1900-1978)
Evelyn Margery Wilce
Female (1901-1983)
Marion Phyllis Wilce
Female (1903-1978)
Godfrey Trevor Wilce
Male (1906-1984)
Kate Iris Nora Wilce
Female (1908-1974)
Eva Emily Wilce
Female (1898-1978) Relationship