genealogy of the Chamberlain and Eidenbenz families
Käti and Graham with Family Crests

Family: George Wilce / Alice Knight (F1910)


Family Chart 

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John Isaac Wilce
Male (1848-1924)
Sarah Ann Goode
Female (1849-1903)
Albert John Goode
Male (1868-1937)
Joseph Wilce
Male (1871-1871)
Emma Elizabeth Wilce
Female (1875-1948)
Tom Wilce
Male (1876-1925)
John Wilce
Male (1885- )
George Wilce
Male (1872- ) Relationship
Alice Knight
Female (1873-1958)Relationship
Edna Wilce
Female (1893- )
Beatrice Maud Wilce
Female (1894-1977)
Lilian Daisy Wilce
Female (1897-1959)
Violet Wilce
Female (1899- )
Olive May Wilce
Female (1903-1969)
Ivor John Wilce
Male (1905-1990)
Hedley Wilce
Male (1908- )
Annie Elizabeth Wilce
Female (1911-1998)
Dorothy Wilce
Female (1913- )
Aladdin Wilce
Male (1915-1970)