genealogy of the Chamberlain and Eidenbenz families
Käti and Graham with Family Crests

Family: John Chamberlain / Hester Carpenter (F16)

   m. 7 Apr 1839

Family Chart 

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Thomas Chamberlain
Male (1789-1870)
Charity Coles
Female (1795-1882)
Kezia Chamberlain
Female (1815-1888)
Frances Chamberlain
Female (1819-1852)
Ann Chamberlain
Female (1822-1918)
James Chamberlain
Male (1824-1922)
Richard Chamberlain
Male (1826-1920)
Maria Chamberlain
Female (1835-1911)
George Carpenter
Male (1796-1872)
Mariah Curtis
Female (1794-1876)
James Carpenter
Male (1813- )
James Carpenter
Male (1825-1902)
Emanuel Carpenter
Male (1827-1884)
Jane Carpenter
Female (1829- )
Aaron Carpenter
Male (1834-1898)
Fanny Carpenter
Female (1835- )
John Chamberlain
Male (1815-1901) Relationship
Hester Carpenter
Female (1817-1886) Relationship
Francis Chamberlain
Male (1842-1926)
John Chamberlain
Male (1845-1929)
Elen Chamberlain
Female (1847- )
Jane Chamberlain
Female (1849-1940)
Sarah Chamberlain
Female (1851-1882)